R+Co founder Howard McLaren on bringing celebrity stylists’ signature looks to the masses

Howard McLaren was 16-years-old when he saw his sister completely transform after chopping off her […]
byOlivia Cefalu|HairRead More

What happens to the teens who turned in their parents for participating in the Capitol riot?

After the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol building, more news has leaked […]
byKristen Wong|HomepageRead More

The one culprit behind every single skin issue isn’t surprising at all

Our problems are not unique. Everyone is struggling with something, and we all feel the […]
byCristina Montemayor|FaceRead More

How TF are TJ Maxx’s beauty deals so good? We investigated.

TJ Maxx is so much more than your average department store. While the stores are […]
byOlivia Cefalu|FeaturesRead More

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Singer/songwriter Charlotte Sands on her viral TikTok song “Dress,” Harry Styles, and gender expression

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20 gifts to help anyone on your list chill the F out

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Marcel Ruiz on the ties that bind Latinx cultures, activism, and Gen Z’s limitless creative freedom

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What Black Gen Z activists want you to know about Black History Month

February is Black History Month, where we honor the extraordinary contributions Black Americans have made to […]
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6 Black men and women on the first moment they felt beautiful

When I was younger and saw myself in the mirror, I didn’t think about what […]
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13 Black Gen Z photographers redefining the Black experience

February is Black History Month, where we honor the extraordinary contributions Black Americans have made […]
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Is sleeping ruining your skin?

Imagine this: you toss and turn for hours before finally—exhausted from watching TikToks and scrolling […]
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Josh Liu, the hairstylist behind the world’s most iconic ponytail, unravels his identity

As far as we can tell, hairstylist Josh Liu invented the snatched ponytail.  When he’s […]
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According to a dermatologist, these 8 bar soaps are actually good for your skin

Bar soaps are bullied in the beauty industry. Many experienced beauty enthusiasts might consider bar […]
byOlivia Cefalu|BodyRead More

Cocokind’s new Sake Body Lotion brings microbiome skincare to the rest of your body

Cocokind is on a roll with its recent product launches. Last year, the Revitalizing Eye […]
byOlivia Cefalu|BodyRead More

19 unique Korean skincare products with innovative packaging design

Korean skincare products are not only known for their efficacious and science-backed formulations, but for […]
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Is unity with Trump supporters possible in a post-insurrection world?

Last week’s press coverage of the inauguration of President Biden–even at its most pared-down–felt like […]
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I’ve ditched trips to my esthetician thanks to these exfoliating pads

After I get a facial, I look like a new person. My once dull, lifeless […]
byOlivia Cefalu|FaceRead More


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